Pay for Performance Analytics

Main Data Group’s Pay for Performance Module provides the most comprehensive P4P analytics available. Not only do we offer pay for performance analyses based on total shareholder return (TSR), but we also empower you to compare performance for 35 income statement and balance sheet metrics.

Pay for Performance
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Our goal is to provide truly independent information on both executive pay and company performance. The trouble with many other pay for performance solutions rests on their reliance on TSR as the sole measure of value, when, in fact, the proper answer often lies in a combination of performance metrics. Because we go beyond TSR and provide plan-based award metrics, our pay for performance analytics fill two informational needs. Our data allows you to anticipate your corporate governance evaluation by proxy advisors and provides easy access to income statement and balance sheet metrics. Our reporting solution enables you to prepare a custom comparison of your company’s P4P against those of your peers or other industry groups.

Our Pay for Performance Module

  • In addition to TSR, Snapshot Data examines more than 35 plan-based award metrics, allowing you to define and measure pay for performance according to your company’s unique circumstances, and to compare your P4P to that of your peers.
  • Our Pay for Performance Module measures incentive plan performance in terms of both realized pay and realizable pay, allowing you to anticipate key questions and proactively answer them.
  • Our customizable P4P scatter charts allow precise positioning of key performance metrics against a broader peer group.
  • We provide source excerpts, taken directly from relevant SEC filings to help you maximize your efficiency in making recommendations.
  • Multiple output formats, including on-screen reports, board-ready PDF reports, and detailed customizable Excel® downloads, help insure that you are properly prepared for any intended audience.
  • Snapshot Data’s multi-directional Dashboard allows access to most reports and analytic tools in as few as two mouse clicks.
  • Our highly intuitive design helps ensure your ability to access the data you need quickly, so you can spend your time adding value to the analytics.
  • We provide access to online help screens and dedicated client service personnel to help you find the answers to key questions.
  • Main Data Group adheres to a meticulous data quality assurance process involving a sophisticated, multi-tiered series of automated and human-assisted checks, giving you accurate data on which you can build solid analyses and recommendations.

Cloud-Based Reporting Tools

Pay For Performance Reporting SolutionMain Data Group offers the most comprehensive view of pay for performance analytics in the marketplace. Main Data Group’s cloud-based reporting tools, including presentation-ready reports, allow you to share information with key team members in a professional manner. Our data is subjected to a rigorous quality assurance process, enabling you to build recommendations and analyses on a solid foundation of data quality. Snapshot Data is the most affordable corporate governance solution available, featuring an all-inclusive subscription plan, which grants full access to all data in multiple formats, and a simple pricing model with no additional download fees.

A Comprehensive Solution

Harness the versatility of Snapshot Data’s Pay for Performance and Plan-Based Award Metrics. Our comprehensive solution will help you easily and affordably benchmark relative P4P practices and prepare effective recommendations using quality supporting analytics.

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