Beyond Tabular Data

Snapshot Data™:
Beyond Tabular Data

Breadth and Depth of Data

Beyond-tab-dataSnapshot Data™ is a robust cloud-based platform that provides comprehensive executive and board pay information that goes beyond the tabular proxy data supplied by other services.

Standard compensation planning information provided by Snapshot Data™

  • Executive Compensation
  • Board Pay
  • Equity Dilution
  • Proxy peers

Compensation planning information uniquely provided by Snapshot Data™

  • CD&A-disclosed executive pay targets
  • Performance awards prevalence and metrics
  • Incentive plan performance that measures realized and realizable pay
  • Actual executive pay targets based on a company’s plan-based award table
  • Clawback policies
  • Ownership guidelines
  • Wealth accumulation pay mix
  • Retirement plan data — including retirement plan prevalence, summary compensation totals, calculated retirement values, career value of retirement (Retirement Income Replacement Ratio – RIRR), and defined contribution equivalent value of retirement (benchmark value)
  •  Perquisites
  • Severance
  • SEC-filing source excerpts — which provide the color and background necessary to analyze proxy information
  • Analyst notes — which provide insight when proxy information might be interpreted less than definitively

Our focus on all elements of compensation, benefits and performance allows us to uniquely
provide a complete and accurate picture of total reward.

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