Beyond TSR

Snapshot Data™ Key Features:
Plan-Based Metrics & P4P – Beyond TSR

Total shareholder return (TSR) is only one measure of performance

In addition to TSR, Snapshot Data™ tracks a granular universe of 35 metrics disclosed in the Plan-Based Award Table footnotes, which enables compensation professionals to use any combination and weighting of these metrics in incentive plan measurement of P4P.

Benefits of the Snapshot Data™ Plan-Based Award Metrics & P4P Tool

Empowers compensation professionals to analyze:

  • Metrics prevalence in a peer group for each type of performance award
  • Performance for each metric in a peer group
  • Source excerpts of metrics
  • Completely customizable P4P metrics scatter charts, including industry-specific metrics

The Snapshot Data™ Plan-Based Award Metrics and P4P tool assists companies in designing and supporting their executive compensation strategy.


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