Board Member Compensation

Determining board member compensation is always a daunting task. Luckily, our benchmarking data is designed to assist you in making decisions about corporate board member compensation a bit simpler. Main Data Group is a provider of high-resolution executive compensation benchmarking and corporate governance analytics. We provide this data and corporate governance information in an affordable, easy-to-use online service. Our Snapshot Data™ is a robust, cloud-based platform that offers comprehensive executive and board pay information that goes beyond tabular proxy data.

User Friendly Tools

Compensation structures for Board members can be especially complex to because of the unique factors that determine board pay. Some factors that need to be taken into consideration are board structure, the meetings held, and corporate performance and philosophy. Our job is to simplify this process by providing you with cloud based, user-friendly reporting tools and precise peer group comparisons. Board Pay Module of our Snapshot Data provides comprehensive data on cash and equity compensation, details on meeting types and frequencies, perquisites and ownership guidelines, to assist in solidifying the competitive compensation structure of current directors and assisting you with your overall board recruitment and retention strategies.

Data At Your Fingertips

Snapshot Data is the most comprehensive accumulation of high-level data in the industry. We adhere to a strict set of sophisticated, multi-tiered series of automated and human-assisted checks and balances designed to guarantee our data maintains the highest possible integrity. Our cloud-based platform allows you to access reporting information remotely from any location, which puts the data at your fingertips almost instantaneously. We provide multiple formats of reporting to help you deliver a presentation that makes an impact, is informative, concise, and easily received. One suite includes all of the services we provide, creating a functionally superior platform. We go the extra mile with access to online help screens and dedicated client service personnel to help you find the answers to key questions.

Cost Effective Solution

Snapshot Data is the most cost effective board pay solution available, featuring an all-inclusive subscription. This structure grants full access to all data in multiple formats, and a simple pricing model that doesn’t nickel and dime you with additional download fees. Main Data Group is your best option to effectively streamline board member compensation analyses. Our comprehensive solution will help you easily, confidently, and affordably benchmark relative board pay strategies and prepare fact based recommendations using quality supporting analytics. Call us today at (408) 776-1000 for a no cost demonstration.