CEO Compensation Data

Main Data Group is one of the nation’s leading providers of CEO compensation data. We offer a robust cloud based reporting platform providing compensation planning information far above the typical industry standards. We include retirement plan data, wealth accumulation pay mix analytics, and much more. Join the dozens of law firms, publicly traded corporations, and researchers that rely on our services.

Accurately Determine Compensation For Your Executives

Main Data Group’s CEO compensation data, analytics, and reporting software provides any company the ability to determine the appropriate compensation for CEO’s and other executives. We deliver accurate high level data from trustworthy sources. Our software compiles all the needed information in one web based easy to use location. Snapshot Data allows access to information from any computer and provides presentation ready reports with just the touch of a button. Access to online help allows instant answers to your questions in real time.

Our cloud based software allows you to access several functions from one user-friendly platform. Main Data Group’s pay for performance analytics are second to none. Our equity Dilution tools are flexible and accurate. Snapshot Data helps give a clear understanding of clawback policies. Couple all this with “Say on Pay” voting results and ownership guidelines from similar companies and you’ve got a powerful set of tools at your disposal providing accurate CEO compensation data.

Unparalleled Data Quality

Accurate information is paramount in a company’s ability to make the correct salary decisions. Our CEO compensation data provides the most comprehensive information and analysis available. Main Data Group maintains strict quality assurance processes, complete with several levels of checks and balances, to ensure the integrity of the data we provide to our clients. All of this is designed to give you confidence in any salary recommendation knowing that you have CEO compensation data with unparalleled quality.

Access Your Reports Anywhere

Whether you are in the airport or the conference room, our online reporting provides presentation ready CEO compensation data in multiple formats. Enjoy unlimited custom reporting with no additional software to download. Get completely web based reporting with access from any computer. We allow access to all of our modules at no additional cost, there are no download fees, and we offer affordable subscription plans.

We know labor costs are a business’ largest expense. It is difficult to attract, recruit, and retain top talent in today’s competitive business market. Main Data Group’s CEO compensation data, analysis, and reporting gives your firm the upper hand. Put our tools to work for your business now. Uncertainty in setting salary levels and budgets is now a thing of the past! Feel confident in your compensation structure. Call today, for a no cost, 15-minute demonstration.