Clawback Provisions

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We provide on-demand access to publicly traded companies’ clawback policies. Clawback provisions have become an important corporate governance tool in the last decade, and our service gives you valuable insights into the prevalence and nature of clawback provisions enacted by your peers and other companies.

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act recognized the need for companies to withdraw or reclaim a performance-based award when there is a need to restate financial statements, or for non-financial fraud or conduct reasons. While formal mechanisms for these clawbacks have yet to be promulgated by the SEC, an understanding of clawback policies is a key component of any comprehensive peer group pay for performance analysis.

Our Clawback Information Module

  • Main Data Group provides you with the clawback policies of your peers.
  • Our unique ‘company view’ gives you enhanced granularity on clawback provisions on a company-by-company basis, allowing for a more detailed understanding of the actions of specific competitors for talent.
  • Our peer group customization feature allows for a highly flexible determination of appropriate comparator groups, revealing the true competitive landscape for executive talent.
  • We provide source excerpts, taken directly from relevant SEC filings, supported by analyst notes which provide detailed background information not always discernible in the proxy data itself.
  • Snapshot Data’s™ sophisticated report output tools, including presentation-ready reports, allow you to easily share information with key team members and other stakeholders.

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Clawback Information

Main Data Group offers the most comprehensive view of corporate governance analytics in the marketplace. Main Data Group’s cloud-based reporting tools, including presentation-ready reports, allow you to share information with key team members in a professional manner. Our data is subjected to a rigorous quality assurance process, enabling you to build recommendations and analyses on a solid foundation of data quality. Snapshot Data is the most affordable corporate governance solution available, featuring an all-inclusive subscription, which grants full access to all data in multiple formats, and a simple pricing model with no additional download fees.

Defend Your Company’s Position on Clawbacks

Reliance on a detailed understanding of the clawback policies of your peers is essential to succeeding in today’s highly competitive market for talent. Main Data Group can help ensure that, by understanding peer practices, you can develop, execute and defend your firm’s position on clawbacks.

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