Compensation Benchmarking Data

Main Data Group is the country’s premier provider of executive compensation data, analysis and reporting software, Snapshot Data. Snapshot Data does the work of a team of professionals pouring over reams of data which would normally take weeks to collect and analyze. Our data is constantly updated and provides our software the information necessary to provide the proper comparative peer group, analyze the data and provide reports ready for presentation.

Data When You Need It

Main Data Group brings compensation benchmarking data to your fingertips wherever and whenever your fingertips have online access. Snapshot Data is unencumbered by complicated software downloads only available at your office. Our software and the data you need are accessible from any computer with online access.

Snapshot Simplifies Complicated Information

Your newest executive or board member’s value is complicated. No matter the level of the executive your company is seeking, there are many parameters that will determine the appropriate compensation for that person. The size of your company, your board, current revenues, projected profits along with what other companies are providing to their executives and board members will play a role in the compensation package you need to offer to attract and retain the right talent for your corporation. Presenting the proper compensation package is critical when you’ve found the perfect candidate. Compensation packages are complicated by base pay rates, incentives, retirement accounts, health benefits and perks. Finding the proper balance of these to attract the right talent while determining the proper presentation to the decision makers is beyond complicated. Snapshot moves you beyond the complications to being well-informed and well-prepared. Snapshot selects comparative peer groups or lets you customize a peer group. Compensation data from all data sets are pulled together to help you create the right package.

Professional Reports

Snapshot Data presents the information you need to share with your board members in a clear, precise and professional format. Reports meet the expectations of shareholders and Corporate Governance transparency expectations. All the information you need presented clearly, ready for presentation to both your candidate and board and upon successful hiring, to be filed as a record of your company’s due diligence.