Corporate Governance Reporting

Main Data Group prides itself on being the industry’s leader in corporate governance analytics, corporate governance reporting, and corporate governance software.  Our corporate governance data is second to none.  The integrity of our information is first rate and is backed up by numerous quality assurance checks and balances. We provide our clients with corporate governance data that is unmatched by our competition.

Knowledge Is Power

Federal regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank have increased public awareness of corporate governance issues. Most shareholders increasingly expect companies to provide transparency in determining executive compensation practices. Our Snapshot Data service is a cloud-based platform that provides easy access to infallible corporate governance data, which allow you to conduct in-depth analysis needed to support executive compensation decisions.  Our cloud-based analytics include a flexible Pay for Performance tool, Equity Dilution Calculator, Say on Pay information, and peer-based comparisons of Clawback Policies, and Ownership Guidelines.  In essence, we provide all of the most sophisticated information needed to allow you to make the appropriate decision in order to satisfy potential executive while simultaneously satisfying shareholder interests.

Most Comprehensive Data Available

One of the most convenient features of our cloud-based system is that it allows you the freedom to access your reporting data from any terminal and provides presentation ready reporting in several different formats.  You can expect nothing but the highest quality data from Main Data Group.  We offer affordable subscription plans complete with unlimited customizable reporting.  All of our data is available in one easy to use suite. You don’t have to fumble through several different applications to access your information or download special software. For the most comprehensive corporate governance reporting, contact Main Data Group.