Equity Dilution Calculator and Shareholder Voting Analytics

Main Data Group’s Equity Dilution tools provide flexible and accurate calculations using a variety of definitions. Snapshot Data’s Equity Dilution Calculator offers flexible burn rate and overhang analyses that allow you to adjust calculations based on your corporate governance guidelines and compensation committee needs. Our Shareholder Voting Analytics include detailed information on requests to shareholders for additional shares, helping you to anticipate and manage shareholder response for future requests.

Equity Dilution Calculator and Shareholder Voting Analytics
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For many companies, equity awards are the biggest piece of their total reward strategy. Equity dilution models are important when looking to ensure that companies have the ability to make competitive equity compensation decisions for executive leadership while balancing the need for shareholder communication and approvals. Main Data Group’s data footprint is uniquely granular. We capture the type and quantity of the awards and forfeitures so that gross and net calculation can be generated. Snapshot Data provides an exhaustive set of analyses into a company’s equity dilution posture, focused on both the company itself and it’s defined set of peers or other comparators.

Snapshot Data™ Equity Dilution Calculator & Shareholder Voting Analytics Module

  • Our Equity Dilution Calculator provides flexible burn rate and overhang analyses relying on user-defined model inputs, allowing you to adjust valuation methodologies and other variables based on corporate circumstances or the specific needs of your Compensation Committee.
  • Snapshot Data’s multi-year equity award summaries give detailed information on share, option, and SAR usage that form the basis of detailed, long-term analyses into the rate of equity usage among peer companies, either individually or as a group.
  • Our Shareholder Voting Analytics generate detailed analyses on requests to shareholders for additional shares, including date of request, shares requested, approval status and voting outcomes, which can assist you in preparing for and managing future requests.
  • Peer-based or customized Black-Scholes model inputs, including expected life, volatility, and dividend yield provide a solid foundation for analyses and recommendations.
  • Snapshot Data’s highly intuitive design allows you to seamlessly obtain the data you need, so that you can devote your time to adding value to the analytics.
  • Our unique ‘Keys to Columns’ feature clearly identifies data sources used in analyses, establishing a trail of support data that can be easily followed.
  • Main Data Group adheres to a meticulous data quality assurance process involving a sophisticated, multi-tiered series of automated and human-assisted checks, giving you accurate data on which you can build solid analyses and recommendations.
  • We provide access to online help screens and dedicated client services personnel to help you find the answers to key questions and issues.

Presentation Ready Reports

Equity Dilution CalculatorMain Data Group offers the most comprehensive view of equity dilution and shareholder voting analytics in the marketplace. Main Data Group’s cloud-based reporting tools, including presentation-ready reports, allow you to share information with key team members in a professional manner. Our data is subjected to a rigorous quality assurance process, enabling you to build recommendations and analyses on a solid foundation of data quality. Snapshot Data is the most affordable corporate governance solution available, featuring an all-inclusive subscription, which grants full access to all data in multiple formats, and a simple pricing model with no additional download fees.

Calculate & Streamline Your Research

See how Main Data Group’s equity dilution analyses can help you with your total rewards strategy and corporate governance needs. Our versatile Equity Dilution Calculator and comprehensive Shareholder Voting Analytics will streamline your research and recommendation process.

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