Executive Perquisites

Executive Perquisites
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Snapshot Data provides a detailed view of the prevalence and value of executive perquisites, giving you the information you need to ensure that your company’s perquisite policy is in line with shareholder values and helps attract, retain and motivate executive talent. Perquisites occupy a small but highly visible place in the overall scheme of executive total rewards, and our comprehensive analytics will help you to make solid recommendations and decisions about the perquisite component of your executive compensation strategy.

Executive Perquisites Analytics Module

  • Snapshot Data offers prevalence among peers of key perquisite groupings, such as Executive Insurance Benefits, Cash and Financial Planning, Travel and Entertainment and General Services, helping you to develop and maintain competitive executive total rewards strategies.
  • We provide detailed analysis of the Summary Compensation Table value of reportable perquisites, giving you valuable insights into the perquisite strategies of your peers.
  • In addition to perquisite value, our analysis of Summary Compensation Table information includes contributions to defined contribution retirement plans and severance payments.
  • Main Data Group adheres to a meticulous data quality assurance process involving more than 20 automated and human-assisted checks, giving you accurate data on which you can build solid analyses and recommendations.
  • Our unique ‘Keys to Columns’ feature clearly identifies data sources used in our analysis, establishing a solid supporting data trail.
  • We provide source data that is compatible with your internal analytic tools and templates to help you maximize your efficiency in making recommendations.
  • Snapshot Data’s highly intuitive design gives you convenient access to the data you need, allowing you to spend more of your time adding value to the analytics and less time compiling research.
  • We provide access to online help screens and dedicated client service personnel to help you find the answers to key questions.

Why Choose Our Executive Perquisites Analytics?

Executive Perquisites Main Data Group offers the most comprehensive view of executive perquisites in the marketplace. Main Data Group’s cloud-based reporting tools, including presentation-ready reports, allow you to share information with key team members in a professional manner. Our data is subjected to a rigorous quality assurance process, enabling you to build recommendations and analyses on a solid foundation of data quality.

Snapshot Data is the most affordable total rewards benchmarking solution available, featuring an all-inclusive subscription, which grants full access to all data in multiple formats, and a simple pricing model with no additional download fees.

Experience The Power of Snapshot Data™

Experience the power of Snapshot Data’s suite of total reward benchmarking tools. Our executive perquisite analytics paired with our total direct compensation, retirement, wealth accumulation pay mix and incentive pay analytics provide you with an easy-to-use, affordable solution to your executive compensation benchmarking needs.

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