HR Analytics

Main Data Group has been providing high-level HR analytics and HR reporting software to the nations most successful companies for years. Main Data Group’s Snapshot Data tool is an all-in-one software platform that gives its users access to HR analytics and HR reporting data. Main Data Group can provide you with the tools and information you need to make the appropriate decisions for your company and its future.

Easy To Navigate

The Snapshot Data platform that Main Data Group has created places you in the driver’s seat and gives you access to benchmarking data that is unmatched in its level of integrity. This software gives you the ability to perform multiple functions in one user-friendly platform. Because it is a cloud-based platform, Snapshot Data gives you around-the-clock access to all of your reporting data that can be generated in multiple formats. You can access this information from any terminal. Snapshot Data’s presentation ready formats combined with our high-level data can help the appropriate parties determine accurately which decisions are best for your company. Making the wrong decision can be costly; let us help you make the right one.

A Winning Combination

With these powerful tools at our dispense, it no wonder that leading compensation consulting firms, law firms, publicly traded companies, and respected academic researchers rely on our Snapshot Data. Main Data Group provides the most accurate data in the industry, and the quality of our information is never left to chance. Main Data Group adheres to a strict set of checks and balances to ensure that our data is the most reliable available. Our all-in-one platform is easy to access from any computer anywhere, it requires no software to download, and it allows you to have access to all of our modules at no additional cost. The ability to obtain unlimited, presentation ready, customizable reporting is invaluable, and all this is available at your fingertips. Main Data Group offers an all-inclusive subscription-based program, which allows for full access to our data in multiple formats. With Main Data Group’s simple pricing model and no additional download fees, you wont find a more complete package anywhere.