Why Choose Main Data Group?

A Complete Source of Compensation and Governance Analytics

Main Data Group’s Snapshot Data™ offers the most comprehensive view of total rewards benchmarking and corporate governance analytics in the marketplace.

Why Choose Main Data Group?

Get All Modules With One Affordable Subscription

Robust Reporting Capabilities

Our cloud-based reporting tools, including presentation-ready reports, allow you to share information with key team members in a professional manner.

Trusted Data Source

Our data is subjected to a rigorous, multi-tiered quality assurance process, enabling you to build recommendations and analyses on a solid foundation of data quality.

Comprehensive Data at an Affordable Price

Snapshot Data™ is the most affordable corporate governance and total rewards benchmarking solution available, featuring an all-inclusive subscription, which grants full access to all data in multiple formats, and a simple pricing model with no additional download fees.

Learn More About Snapshot Data™

Harness the power of Snapshot Data’s ™ total rewards benchmarking and corporate governance information.  Our comprehensive solution will help you to easily and affordably analyze and benchmark all elements of executive and board compensation and prepare effective recommendations using quality supporting data.  Click here for a free demonstration or for further information call us at (408) 776-1000 x 114.