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Main Data Group is a provider of high-resolution executive compensation benchmarking and corporate governance analytics. Our mission is to empower executive compensation professionals by providing comprehensive total rewards and corporate governance information in an affordable, easy-to-use online service.

Our Snapshot Data™ is a robust, cloud-based platform that offers comprehensive executive and board pay information that goes beyond tabular proxy data.  We uniquely provide compensation planning information, such as retirement plan data, wealth accumulation pay mix analytics, CD&A-disclosed executive pay targets, performance awards prevalence and metrics, incentive plan performance that measure both realized and realizable pay, perquisites, clawback policies and ownership guidelines, in addition to standard compensation planning information, including executive compensation, board pay, and equity dilution.  Our focus on all elements of compensation, benefits and performance allows us to provide a complete and accurate picture of total reward.

Leading compensation consulting firms, publicly traded corporations, law firms and respected academic researchers rely on Snapshot Data™ for their executive and director compensation benchmarking and corporate governance needs.

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