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Experience the power of Main Data Group’s corporate governance and executive compensation data and analytics reporting software. Our web-based tools offer the data you need to make effective recommendations and decisions about your executive compensation strategy and corporate governance policies.

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We do that too. Save time and money and get your questions answered through our custom research capabilities. 

Trusted data source

Our data is subjected to a rigorous, multi-tiered quality assurance process, enabling you to use our data to confidently conduct analyses.

Sophisticated data

Our team has deep knowledge of executive compensation issues. We leverage input from our consulting and corporate subscribers to guide timely platform and data enhancements. 


Comprehensive data

We offer comprehensive executive and corporate governance analytics. We focus on all elements of compensation to provide a complete and accurate picture. 

Easy-to-access data

Cloud-based reporting tools allow for easy access to detailed reports and an online view of data.


Ever-evolving data

Our product roadmap is ever-evolving based on subscriber feedback and the executive compensation landscape. Our enhancements are designed to track emerging trends and take advantage of additional disclosed data as it becomes available. New information is seamlessly integrated into the platform, as are ongoing interface upgrades and enhancements—everything is designed to make getting the data you need faster and easier.

Click below to learn about the different modules we offer. Unlike other solutions that charge per module, our subscribers have unlimited access to all data modules!



  • Executive pay data module

    Leverage this module for data on executive pay, CIC/severance, and pay-for-performance.

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  • Governance module

    Understand the financial dynamics of your peers with our corporate financials/TSR report, equity dilution, and CEO Pay Ratio disclosures.

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  • Plan-based awards module

    Get detailed insight into your peers’ incentive design via our plan-based awards report. We also track form 4 filings, as a lot can happen between proxy filings.

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  • CD&A summary module

    The CD&A is the least “standardized” section of the proxy statement making it difficult to compare one company to another. Our report offers a consistent, highly detailed template that consolidates this data into one easily consumable template.

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  • Retirement & perquisites module

    Easily learn what your peers are doing when it comes to retirement arrangements and perquisites.

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  • Board pay module

    Glean insights into director pay and how the board operates and more with this module.

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  • ExecData™ module

    This module combines proxy data with Pearl Meyer’s industry-leading survey data to offer pay information for the top two layers of leadership including direct reports to the CEOs and other unique, non-traditional survey roles within functional areas. This module is licensed separately.

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“As our board and management plan our future strategy, they ask questions about our peers and what alternatives are available in the marketplace. I can quickly get answers from MDG by accessing the tool or giving a quick call to the MDG team that provides a response along with great data as background that has proven to be very helpful.” 

Keith Brown
Director Compensation and Mobility
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