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A data platform designed by executive compensation professionals

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Data access, analysis, and reporting options that are second to none with a custom research team at your service

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All-in-one subscription model, including industry expert support teams

Quality data, fast

Deep, accurate, reliable

We know it’s critical to have fast, easy access to the data you need. Whether you are consulting with clients or preparing your HR teams for important compensation discussions, having reliable, granular detail at just the right time is a must.

Continually expanding

The world of executive compensation and governance is growing more complex. As new issues, trends, and regulations emerge, our data helps you keep pace. New reports and expanded datasets are continually added to the MDG platform, ensuring the recommendations you offer are always on point and fully informed.


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Visualize the solution

On-screen data visualization and report-ready graphics make it easy to analyze a situation and then tell the story. Our select set of on-screen, on-demand interactive graphics lets you take a quick look at how it works.

There’s more to data than just numbers

Incredibly detailed datasets, available for online inquiry and to download straight to your desktop for deep analysis, is a cornerstone of the MDG platform. But there’s more to it than lines and columns. Data visualization technology brings the numbers to life. The newest version of MDG’s application helps you, your clients, and colleagues easily see the story behind the data. 
All of MDG’s trusted, comprehensive data modules are delivered through interactive dashboards. The interface is simple to tailor to your specifications. Filter, pivot, and drill down on-screen for immediate, actionable insights, and even perform natural language data searches through the Q&A feature.

Finally, when it’s time to share what you’ve learned, there are export-ready, presentation-worthy charts and tables available in either Excel or PDF formats.

Our goal?

Deliver the data that helps you present the best recommendations, quicker and easier.

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Seeing is believing

The combination of extensive, detailed datasets and remarkable simple to use, easy to read on-screen visualization isn’t available anywhere else. If you’re not ready for a complete demo yet, try our Interactive Graphics tool that gives you a preview—with real, trending data you can use today. Think of it as a free sample!

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A partnership approach

Our team—from senior leadership to product developers, compensation analysts to account managers—understands the demands of this field. We’ve developed the tools that help enhance your productivity and effectiveness.

Think software-as-a-service subscriptions are complex?

We agree; MDG is priced differently

When you choose MDG you get:

  • All data modules at one low price
  • An unlimited number of users
  • An unlimited number of downloads

The IT team will thank you

A cloud-based platform, with no software to download, upgrade, or otherwise manage. Plus, the support offered by your dedicated account manager is just a call or click away.

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What if?

You have a unique situation or interesting idea requiring custom research. MDG’s experienced compensation professionals can help frame your inquiry and quickly deliver a commissioned report not available anywhere else.

Easy from A to Z

Nobody likes high-pressure sales tactics. We’re here to answer one question or twenty; whatever it takes to help you evaluate the benefits of the MDG platform.