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Easy to use tools to identify peer data, calculate equity awards and search current proxies

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Our toolbox has everything you need to build peer groups, calculate equity awards, and easily search currently available proxies or receive a heads-up about newly filed SEC disclosures

Easy and intuitive

Our platform is simple and easy to use so you can focus on making the right pay decisions for your company

Peer group manager

Create customized peer groups based on industry, financial information (e.g., revenue, asset size, market cap, number of employees), job title, state where companies are located, and other key demographics

Equity value calculator

Evaluate equity using the Black-Scholes or binomial option valuation models. Key determinants such as stock price, volatility, risk-free interest rate, and dividend yield can be auto-populated, saving time and effort.

SEC filing notification

Set automatic email alerts for as-it-happens updates on SEC filings including DEF 14A, 8-K, 10-K, Form 3, and Form 4

Filing search

Quickly perform keyword searches on proxy filings for companies or peer groups of interest



“Our subscription to MDG has saved my team many hours that we would have incurred if we had to manually pull the proxies and enter the data ourselves. I most appreciate the responsiveness of the MDG team. Thank you for being a great business partner.”

Alice Chang
Director, Compensation
First American Financial Corp.
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