Online Tools for Proxy Analysis

MDG’s toolbox has everything you need to identify peers, calculate equity awards, and easily search currently available proxies or receive a heads-up about newly filed SEC disclosures.

  • Peer Group Manager: Every competitive analysis begins with peer group data and your relevant peer group may differ according to the analysis’s objective. MDG’s flexible Peer Group Manager permits users to create customized peer groups based on industry, financial information (e.g., revenue, asset size, market cap, number of employees), job title, state where companies are located, and other key demographics. It also lets users identify a company’s proxy-named peers and “reverse peers” (companies that include the user’s own company among its proxy-named peers).
  • Equity Value Calculator: MDG’s Equity Value Calculator evaluates equity using the Black-Scholes or Binomial option valuation models. Key determinants such as Stock Price, Volatility, Risk-Free Interest Rate, and Dividend Yield can be auto-populated, substantially reducing the amount of effort required to research these factors independently, or they can be manually input. Users access MDG’s Equity Value Calculator to size proposed equity grants, calculate the value of peer companies’ grants on a consistent basis, or check underlying Black-Scholes or Binomial assumptions.
  • SEC Filing Notification: Users subscribing to MDG’s SEC Filing Notification tool receive automatic email alerts when any of the following SEC publications are filed for companies or peer groups of interest: DEF 14A, 8-K, 10-K, Form 3, and Form 4. This tool saves analysts the effort of trawling through EDGAR periodically to catch the latest disclosures.
  • Filing Search: MDG’s Filing Search tool permits users to perform keyword searches on proxy filings for companies or peer groups of interest. The results list all instances of the keyword(s) with a link to the specific page of the proxy statement that includes the word/phrase. When looking for needles in a haystack, this tool provides a practical way to quickly identify companies that follow specified practices.