Executive pay data module

Access three years of historical data on executive compensation for NEOs

Get easy-to-access reports and online views of peer group data comparisons for executive pay, CIC/severance and pay-for-performance.

Executive pay data

Establish competitive norms among peers by accessing three years of historical executive compensation data for all named executive officers (NEOs). 


Get detail on each named executive officer and on each termination scenario (CIC or severance without cause in the absence of a CIC), as well as side-by-side comparisons of the CEO’s benefits to those of other NEOs. 


Measure a company’s pay-for-performance relationship to its peers against 14 different incentive metrics over three different time horizons. 



“MDG offers easy-to-use tools and reports to gather relevant data for use in executive compensation benchmarking and proxy analysis. We’ve leveraged MDG to help us identify potential peers by industry, peers of peers, revenue and other factors.”

Alice Chang
Director, Compensation
First American Financial Corp.
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Optimal pay level and mix depends on a company’s objectives and resources

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