Governance module

Access peer group financials and benchmark corporate governance policies and practices

Corporate financials/TSR

Understand the financial dynamics of your peers with in-depth information on their location, size, industry, and financial performance.

Equity dilution

Compare share utilization to your peers with comprehensive data on three-year burn rate, dilution, overhang, and shares available.

CEO pay ratio

Capture the extensive narrative behind the raw ingredients of the ratio (CEO pay and pay of the “median employee”) with demographics, definitions, exceptions, methodologies, and even supplemental ratios.

Human capital management

View what your peers are disclosing in their 10K on how they manage their workforce, including information that may pertain to the development, attraction, and retention of their employees.

Equity ownership

Easily review how much stock each Named Executive Officer owns and information about any stock ownership guidelines.

Peer similarity

Leverage our peer similarity report to view a company's peers, peers of peers, and reverse peers and to help build an appropriate set of comparators for benchmarking.


"The MDG platform has worked very well for us as we've done a bunch of analysis for our upcoming stock grants, peer group revisions, and CEO pay ratio. It's very user-friendly and has delivered on every account."

Raymond Fife
Director, Global HR Compensation
Bio-Rad Laboratories
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Did you know?

Equity dilution has many definitions

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