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Workspan Magazine’s Review of ExecData™ – November/December 2020

Main Data Group partnered with Pearl Meyer to create ExecData, which was recently reviewed by the editors of Workspan’s HR Tech Drive.

They note, “Main Data Group designed a very intuitive, simple solution. It’s perfect for the double-barreled goals of creating competitive offers and also deploying a solid way to ensure that internal pay is in alignment with industry peers – a major retention angle.”


National Association of Corporate Directors, November 2020

Inside the Public Company Boardroom

NACD’s “Inside the Public Company Boardroom” offers a snapshot of what the boards of Russell 3000 Index companies look like in 2020, utilizing data from Main Data Group.

Here’s what the study found:

  • Boards that are more independent have more women. On boards where <50% percent of directors are independent, 14% of directors are women. When independence is 90%+, 26% of board members are women.
  • Between 2018 & 2020, the number of women on boards grew from 16% to 21%.
  • In 2020, largely because of COVID-19, 2/3 of Russell 3000 companies moved their shareholder meeting to a virtual format, while keeping the basic structure of in-person meetings.
  • In the Russell 3000, small- and mid-cap companies have largely driven a trend toward growth in average board size, from 10 to 10.1–an addition of almost 500 board seats.