ExecData™ module

Proxy and survey data combined for the top two layers of leadership

The power of multiple sources

In partnership with Pearl Meyer, the ExecData module combines our proxy data with Pearl Meyer’s industry-leading survey data to support your annual executive compensation planning.

Integrated data

ExecData gives you pay information for the top two layers of leadership including direct reports to the CEO and other unique, non-traditional survey roles within functional areas. The result is a more complete picture of the total compensation for a company’s full executive team. 




  • Easy access in multiple formats
  • Quick single-inquiry, single-output aggregate view online shows a combination of proxy and survey data
  • Option for more in-depth analysis and side-by-side comparison through Excel
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Data on 80+ executive roles

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Base salary, STI, LTI, total cash, total direct compensation

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Data is subject to rigorous quality controls

"Main Data Group designed a very intuitive, simple solution. It's perfect for the double-barreled goals of creating competitive offers and, also deploying a solid way to ensure that internal pay is in alignment with industry peers - a major retention angle."

Workspan magazine’s review of ExecData
November/December 2020
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